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Disciplinary Action

This section provides summaries of each case in which public discipline or a private admonishment was administered recently by the U.S. Court of Appeals for Veterans Claims (Court). In the cases of disbarment, cases will be shown for one year after the date of the disbarment. In the cases of suspensions, cases will be shown for the period of suspension plus one year. In the cases of other public discipline such as reprimands, etc., cases will be shown for a period of one year from the date of the discipline. In the cases of admonishments, cases will be shown for a period of one year from the date of the admonishment. Private admonishments will appear in redacted form. The full Court order is available by clicking on the Court case number provided in the below summary. Because Bar members may share the same or similar names, individuals using these summaries must ensure that they have correctly identified the lawyer they are researching. Questions should be directed to the Executive Assistant to the Clerk of the Court at 202-501-5980.


  • None currently.

Reciprocal Suspension

  • None currently.

Public Discipline

Private Admonishments

  • The Court privately admonished a member of the Court's bar in a January 2021 order, concluding that the practitioner failed to exercise reasonable diligence by repeatedly failing to comply with Court orders and to comply with Court Rules. The Court also required the bar member to complete at least 12 hours of continuing legal education focused on professional responsibility. It was further ordered that the attorney shall be on probation for 2 years, during which the Court will closely monitor the attorney's compliance with the Court's Rules.

Reinstated to Practice

  • None currently.

Committee on Admission and Practice

The Chief Judge, with the concurrence of the Court, appoints members of the Court's bar to serve on the Committee on Admission and Practice under A&P Rule 2(a). Each member serves for three years, with the opportunity to be appointed for a consecutive term and additional non-consecutive terms thereafter.

Current Members

  • Stephen E. Castlen (Chair)
    Brent Bowker
    Christine Khalili-Borna Clemens
    Amy Richardson
    Todd Wesche
    Nicholas R. Esterman
    Sarah W. Fusina
    Meghan K. Gentile
    Courtney L. Smith